L Bar Artist Profile: New Planets

Every week we’ll profile one of our upcoming acts set to take the stage at L Bar. In case you haven’t heard, we now offer weekly entertainment featuring themed nights and some of South Florida’s best local talent to go with the lounge’s chic-sexy vibe. This week, we are featuring Ryan Mescha of the  New Planets!

What made you decide to become a singer?

I appreciate this question, because it allows me to reflect and focus on significant, defining moments of my life experience. I have always enjoyed singing since I was a baby. I would sing songs that were on the radio as any innocent child would do.

The actual decision to become a singer or artist came from the reality of how precious life is.  Experiencing the loss of loved ones can teach us how to live.  Tragedy definitely affected my perspective. I learned the hard lesson. Music had new meaning and set a purpose for this crazy thing called life.  Through music I learned that we can all share the experience of life on a high, connected level.  We can share the pain, love, struggle and beauty. Singing would be one of the ways I would be able to adapt to the world around me and share the life experience.  I also believed that I would be able to give a bit back to the energy of music that helped me through these times of my life. I realized this when I heard the singers and musicians performing. I learned that we are all a brotherhood and sisterhood of souls attempting to cope with the elements that surround us.

I have found that putting the time to refine the craft of singing  was a great decision for me, because I have met so many special people and have had many wonderful connections.  These connections have influenced my life in profoundly positive ways.

What is your favorite genre of music and why?

I have an philosophy of an all encompassing genre. The genre is called Universe-soul.  As long as your soul is in it, I love it.

That means that whether you are playing Bach or rock, hip or pop, if I feel the reality of your existence is in the music, it appeals to me.  Since my primary instrument is the guitar, I definitely lean  towards genre’s that have guitar infused into the music. But, someone could literally be playing a “rock” and I would enjoy it if they were putting their soul into it.

What was your biggest challenge as a singer/entertainer?

My biggest challenge as a singer and entertainer  is putting as much time as I want and need into my art.

I have always had this challenge.  Whatever you put into your art is never enough.  Attempting to balance all responsibilities associated with playing and performing at your highest level with survival of life is one of the most beautiful, complex and greatest challenges one can have.  It can be frustrating at times, because you are never where you want to be artistically, but I found a counterbalance to that issue that helps me through. and that is “Love”. Thank you John Lennon for stating the obvious so eloquently. “ All you need is love.” Understanding that message is reality and not just a saying, has helped me balance the most extreme challenges of life.

What are you looking to the most when you perform at L Bar on Friday?

When we perform at L Bar on Friday, I look forward to experiencing the night with the awesome music lovers who understand and connect with music on the level we as artist do.

Each and every time we play, we are blessed with the beauty of amazing, and kind people who dance or listen to the art that we have spent so many hours, days, nights and years attempting to master.  Seeing those great people, whether we are meeting for the first time of whether we have known each other for many years, makes the experience of the night for us.

I am also proud to be part of the Seminole Hard Rock family.  I feel that everyone involved in this entity is making a positive impact on the history of our community and music.  There is something very special about the concept of the Seminole Nation and Hard Rock being one.  This makes me very excited to be part of it.  Performance at L Bar or at any venue on the site inspires me. I am looking forward to all the Future Rock improvements that are being made.  What is taking place here is going to be astounding. #futurerock