L Bar Artist Profile: Chris Alvy of The Super Fuzz

Every week we’ll profile one of our upcoming acts set to take the stage at L Bar. In case you haven’t heard, we now offer weekly entertainment featuring themed nights and some of South Florida’s best local talent to go with the lounge’s chic-sexy vibe. This week, we are featuring Chris Alvy of the  New Planets!

What made you decide to become a singer?

I got interested in singing early on, though not very good, I would always sing along to the stuff on the radio. As I got older I became very interested in writing my own material so I learned guitar on my own initially then I went on to Music school and studied the instrument a bit deeper, which in turn led me to sing my own material.  I have been singing ever since and whereas before I didn’t like hearing myself much, I feel I have found my voice and style after many years of recording and performing and now it’s a natural part of what I do as a musician.

 What is your favorite genre of music and why?

My favorite genre to play has always been rock n roll, but I studied Jazz for 2 years and Classical one year in college and I enjoy branching out and challenging myself to play intricate pieces that are not rock. I also love playing Bossa Nova and learning from what they do. Learning all these styles and playing them have helped me in my songwriting. I always try to incorporate snippets of chord changes or melodies into my material that I borrow from all these different styles.

What was your biggest challenge as a singer/entertainer?

My biggest challenge as a singer and entertainer is to entertain. It is as a singer to project authority and confidence when I deliver the words and to also try to engulf myself along with the audience in the music as much as possible and show you are having a good time. I think the audience can sense that in any act. The goal is to do it consistently every show, which is a challenge in itself.  As a band moods are different and every show is different, and comes with a new set of circumstances you may have to deal with. I would say the biggest challenge is to always put on a great show regardless of how you are feeling and your surroundings.

 What are you looking to the most when you perform at L Bar on Friday?

I am looking forward to introducing The Super Fuzz to a new audience at the club and hopefully come out with some new friends and fans that really dig our stuff.