Interview with “The Hollywood Medium”, Tyler Henry

The star of E! Entertainment’s mega hit television show, Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry – is bringing his Life Lessons tour to Hard Rock Event Center on May 31! We caught up with the star to discuss self-care, skeptics, being star struck, and more!

After discovering you had a special ability at age 10, what did you do to explore, develop and refine your special gift?

A lot of practice! I’d have moments of knowingness when I’d interact with kids at school, and then eventually teachers. Once I started sharing these feelings and they were validated as correct, I just kept practicing and taking note of how to interpret effectively. 

Self-care is important to anyone, but you possess an element most people don’t have to deal with. On your personal time, how do you disconnect from your gift to give yourself a break from the emotional and mental toll of the connections that surround you?

Alone time is really fundamental to unwinding for me. Not connecting to other’s people energy is really important, and being with myself helps me do “Spring cleaning” mentally and energetically. 

What was it like for you like when you first started doing celebrity readings?

At first it was really surreal! I had a hard time processing that such huge names were sitting in front of me having ordinary human reactions and stories. Then I realized as time went on that we all are looking for the same thing — connection, validation, etc. 

You’ve said you don’t recognize many of the celebrities that you do readings for and try to disconnect yourself from them as much as possible. In fact, you don’t know who you’re doing a reading for prior to filming. When you do readings with celebrities that you are a fan of, does the familiarity or ‘star struck’ aspect affect the reading in any way? 

It definitely can, which is why it’s extra important to reel in my excitement if I recognize or am a fan of a client. To connect to a reading, I have to be of clear mind, and excitement can actually impede that process. 

Have you ever felt star struck?

All the time! RuPaul and Latoya Jackson were pretty overwhelming. 

Is there any person you would like to give a reading to but haven’t had the chance to?

Tanya Harding would be fascinating!

Have you ever tried to use your gift on yourself to connect to someone or connect to your future?

I’ve tried to use it on myself, but with iffy results. We’re biased about ourselves — and in order to connect intuitively bias has to be out of the way — so for me it’s usually in life or death situations. 

You’ve always welcomed questions from skeptics, but have you ever done a reading for one of your skeptics?

Absolutely! Dr. Drew, Steve-O, Tom Arnold, and a number of others were just straight up non-believers in the beginning and by the end of their experience, there was a clear transformation. 

Is there an experience from your live shows that stands out to you?

The live readings are always so impactful and emotional, and it’s always something new. I love that about being able to travel and hear these stories, it’s always unique and fascinating. 

What can fans expect from your show at Hard Rock Event Center?

The show is two parts, with the beginning focused on sharing my story and some of the most valuable life lessons I’ve learned from over a thousand readings. The second part of the show is a live audience Q&A that’s interactive, and I go out and do readings on the audience! I do as many as I can and there’s never a dull moment.

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