Interview With Frankie Valli

Frankie Valli is coming to Hard Rock Live on February 7 and February 8 for back to back shows featuring chart-topping hits like “Sherry”, “Grease”, “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and more. We caught up with the best-selling artist to chat about collaborating with Bruno Mars, who inspired him growing up, what fans can expect from his show and more!

You’ve said your first love was jazz. You originally had ambitions of singing Jazz, but ultimately went more of a pop/rock direction and became one of the most successful artists of your generation. Did you have any pop or rock artists that inspired you growing up?

Yes, Stan Kenton. I was able to see the most amazing jazz artists growing up and he is at the top of that list. But number one was Frank Sinatra. He later became a friend too.

“Grease” sold over seven million copies worldwide. It was performed by you but was written by Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees who has said he considers you to be his favorite pop singer of all time. What was it like working with Barry?

How nice to hear! The Bee Gees was probably one of the greatest pop groups ever and to perform a song written by such a talent as Barry was a thrill. It was such a massive hit– I think that it was a surprise to everyone including me!

Are there any singers you would have liked to collaborate with but never got a chance to?

I love Billy Joel and I’m a big fan of Bruno Mars. You never know!

What song of yours is your favorite to perform?

I love to perform the medley of our well known hits because the crowd goes wild. If they enjoy it then that is what is enjoyable to me.

You have continued performing throughout the years and have always expressed how important music is to you. What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t a singer/performer?

This is it. I can’t imagine anything else. Some retire but why retire when you do what you love? This was the live I was meant to live and I am very grateful to do it.

What can fans expect from your two night concert at Hard Rock Live?

We have a new show and new video package that I am excited for the fans to see. I can’t wait to perform it for them!

Tickets to Franki Valli at Hard Rock Live  are on sale now!