Interview with Boxing Legend Riddick Bowe

World-class professional boxing returns to Hard Rock Event Center with “Rumble at the Rock V” on Friday, May 10! We caught up with 2x heavyweight champion, Riddick Bowe, to discuss what makes a great fighter, Rumble at the Rock V, and more.

You’ve worked with a lot great fighters in your career. What makes a great fighter?

Determination and dedication is what makes a great fighter, but you also need a sprinkle of natural abilities. 

What boxers do you see at Heavyweight Factory that have all the qualities of a great boxer?

I see Derrieck Cuevas of Puerto Rico. He’s 20-0 and a beast in the ring. There’s Logan Yoon, only 20 years old but he’s a bad to the bone southpaw. There’s also the giant Ivan Dychk, a two time Olympian, and the Cuban kid Livan Navarro.

As a mentor to some of the boxers at Heavyweight Factory, the fighters have a lot to learn from you. What are some things you have learned as a mentor?

Patience. I’ve learned they all have a different vibe and strategy in the ring. I can’t change their styles but I can add to it with what I know. 

How are you preparing and mentoring the fighters for Rumble at the Rock V?

I push them and encourage them. Mentally I know what it takes to win and I try and pass that mind set along to them. 

Do you see any characteristics of yourself in any of the fighters of Rumble at the Rock V?

Logan Yoon because of his determination, Derrieck Cuevas because he’s a straight beast, the machine gun kid Livan Navarro because he constantly lets his hands go and Ivan Dychko because of his jab. That’s what I see.

Boxing has evolved in many ways over the years. How can fighters adjust and adapt to changes in the boxing world?

You must see what the other person’s weaknesses are and take advantage of that. You can’t fall into traps. You have to take gather information about your opponent little by little. We all have to adapt to that one night when it is all on the line. That’s what I love about rumble at the rock. 

How can fighters prepare physically and mentally to fight someone who has the upper hand of experience?

It’s not the size of the dog, but the dog in the fighter. Boxing is two men laying it all on the line. No one really knows what it entails but you have to dig deep to achieve greatness. 

What can we expect from Rumble at the Rock V?

Fireworks every single show. It just gets better and better. Kris Lawrence’s ‘The Heavyweight Factory’ puts on some of the best shows I’ve ever seen, and I’ve witnessed boxing everywhere. The Seminole Hard Rock is the most exhilarating casino I’ve been to and the ambiance is great. If you’ve never seen a show here, I recommend you don’t miss it. 

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