The Rebel Yell of Billy Idol

At a mere 58 years old, Billy Idol put on a performance. As the New Times Broward-Palm Beach puts it, “The powerful guitar riffs and Idol’s classic shrieks were sweet reminders of just how much better music sounds live.” We are big believers in live music, and Billy Idol didn’t disappoint. With Steve Stevens on the guitar performing powerful solos, the energy coming from this duo was an amazing experience for fans.

As I stood inside Hard Rock Live, I watched as the seats began to fill. Billy Idol was a household name growing up for me, but I was still shocked to see other 20-somethings enter the venue. While the crowd varied in age, they shared one common theme: WE ALL LOVE BILLY IDOL! From Dancing With Myself to White Wedding, this 80s baby couldn’t have been happier to see this rock legend.