From the Heart, of Hard Rock: Alon Siso

Name: Alon Siso

Job title: Salon manager, Rock Spa & Salon

Year started Hard Rock: 2004

  1. Have you always worked in the salon/beauty industry? What made you want to work for the Rock Spa at Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood?

Yes, I’ve worked in the salon industry for a long time. I started cutting hair at the age of 13! I always loved the Hard Rock brand, so coming to work here 12 years ago was exciting. I joined Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood’s Rock Spa in 2004 as its lead stylist and was promoted to salon manager in 2015.

  1. We’d like to get to know you more. In a paragraph, tell us a little about yourself (interests, background etc.) and share one fun fact that we may not be aware of.

I was born in and grew up in Israel. I spent three years in the army before coming to America. I was exposed to the salon industry from a very young age, as I have a bunch of hairdressers in my family. I began working in salons and doing hair when I was 13. I would finish my homework and then do hair.

  1. Let’s take a look inside “a day in the life” of you. Name at least five key responsibilities that make up the core of your position.

A day in the life of the Rock Spa is always busy and interesting. Key responsibilities that make up my core position would be ensuring all salon guests leave happy and feeling great about their service; working closely with the salon team to make sure we are fresh, fun, focused, timely and have a good vibe going on; keeping the salon’s finger on the pulse of what’s new and trending; ensuring we always have products in stock; and juggling time, since it is a daily challenge with many walk-in guests that we always try to accommodate.

  1. What is your individual rock star approach to being spectacular at your job?

Being spectacular at my job means not letting my guests go without them feeling spectacular. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my designs.

  1. What do you love the most about your job and being a part of the Seminole Hard Rock family?

I love being creative, and my job allows me to be that every day. The Hard Rock family is super fun, and there is always something going on.

  1. What is your most fond memory since Day 1 at Hard Rock with a guest or fellow staff?

Throughout the years, when Joan Rivers would visit Hard Rock Hollywood to perform, she would always request that I style her hair before and after a show. I’ve styled many celebrities, but with Joan, her personality always stood out. She was sharp, sweet, caring and funny as hell.