One Man Band, John McNutt takes over Hard Rock Cafe this Upcoming Weekend!

If you haven’t heard, Hard Rock Cafe is rolling out a whole new lineup of entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights! Each band was meticulously chosen to showcase their distinct musical and stage personality, bringing a high-energy “rock edge” to the stage. Taking the stage this week is John McNutt from Pennsylvania!

What made you decide to become a singer?

I started playing in 9th grade at 14 years old as a guitarist. I took some lessons in my hometown of Glenside, Pennsylvania at a music store. I played with my high school friends at parties and just never stopped.

What is your favorite genre of music and why?

I love British classic rock and blues. Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Keith Richards were my favorites. On the American side, of course Jimi Hendrix, BB King, and Stevie Ray Vaughn were also my favorites as a kid. What influenced me as a singer was John Fogerty and John Lennon. Their raw and raspy approach appeals to me. It’s heart with a growl.

What was your biggest challenge as a singer/entertainer?

When touring, every stage is different, it’s challenging and rewarding setting the right dynamics on the stage regardless of the crowd size. Truly giving your all and making the show fun.

What are you looking to the most when you perform?

I’m really looking forward to playing at Hard Rock Cafe for the first time. All of the band members are accomplished players with great vocals too. Our show will be filled with our favorite songs from the artists mentioned above and more. Hollywood, Florida here we come!