National Dessert Day

As kids, we were all taught little tricks for how to remember the spelling of different words. I remember my personal favorite being the difference between desert and dessert.

“Dessert will have two “s” because you’ll always want more!”

I’m happy to report that in my adult life, this is still true for me. So here are some of my favorite desserts from Kuro, our new-style Japanese restaurant:

The Chocolate Hazelnut Bar

The Chocolate Hazelnut Bar is as pretty as it is delicious, and you’ll have no problem destroying it by yourself or sharing a few bites with a friend!

Miso Kinako & Lemon Tarragon Bon Bons

These homemade bon bons will have you shaking your bon bon in no time! They’re the perfect bite and easily shared with the table.

Seasonal Fruit

Kuro has this savory zabaione cream that goes over a bowl of fruit, that changes every season. These fall flavors are at the top of my list!

Various treats from Constant Grind

The coffee shop, known as Constant Grind, has a variety of treats for all kinds of tastes. From the Key Lime Tart on the right to the peanut butter and chocolate “The Elvis” treat on the left, it’s hard to leave Constant Grind with just one dessert!

From Kuro to Constant Grind, we’ve got sweet ways to celebrate this year’s National Dessert Day ?