Lee Tiger is back and ready to release his new album!

You have a new upcoming album “One Earth ∙ One People ∙ Come Together”; tell us what inspired you for this project?

The arts and other manifestations of my culture as a Miccosukee Indian has inspired the creation of this album. Mainly it was my father, the man who instilled a lot in me in teaching me about the various colors of people and how all people should love one another as well as protect mother Earth.

What’s your favorite song on the album and why?

My favorite song on my new album is One Earth One People. This particular song on my album is so meaningful in spirituality. It also expresses unity, that we are all together as one.

After your brother Stephen passed away in 2006, you had to make some decisions about the Tiger Tiger band while transitioning to a new era. What were some of the things you did differently and how has it impacted the direction of the band?

After my brother passed, it was really hard on the band and myself. We actually broke up for a few years, but we are back together now. In addition to that I had to learn to write music on my own and play various instruments. It was really rough for me because it was something Stephen and I did together the majority of our lives.

What was the most memorable performance you ever had?

My most memorable performance was in 1987 in Orlando, Fl. I played with Chuck berry in the Cool Jazz Festival.

You are very influential in Native American tourism and you sit on several tourism boards in the state of Florida. What are some initiatives you’re most proud of as a committee member?

I am most proud of the opportunity to educate them on my culture and attract many people from all over the world to the Everglades to view where I am from.

You’ve performed at quite a few concerts and festivals with a number of great musical icons like Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. Which artists or band has influenced you the most as a musician?

I have been most inspired by The Rolling Stones and Steve Winwood.

We have a Jacket worn by you as part of our memorabilia collection. How cool was that to have your jacket on display at Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood?

I am very much honored to have my jacket apart of the Hard Rock’s memorabilia as a Native American classic rock Pioneer.

What can fans expect from your new album?

This album is a message of positivity, love, and special musical arts put together to bring us all together as one.

Pre order Lee Tiger’s new album, One Earth ∙ One People ∙ Come Together at TigerTigerMusic.com.